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Ny hovedeier i Kantar

12. juli annonserte Kantar at Bain Capital går inn i selskapet og blir største aksjeeier med 60 prosent. WPP beholder 40 %.

For Kantar er Bain Capital den type eier som vi har ønsket oss. Bain Capital ønsker å investere og utvikle selskapet og dermed få virksomheten til å vokse raskere. Man regner med at forhandlinger mellom partene vil foregå til og med Q4 2019, så fram til det er det «business as usual» for oss i Norge.

Under følger melding fra CEO i Kantar, Eric Salama

As you may have seen today, Bain Capital has agreed terms to take a majority shareholding in Kantar. We expect the transaction to be completed before the end of the first quarter of 2020. (This is subject to completion of the relevant shareholder, legal and regulatory processes and employee representatives’ consultation processes where necessary.) WPP will retain 40% of Kantar ensuring we can continue servicing our joint clients in the ways we have done to date.

Everyone at Kantar remains completely focused on delivering value for you. It’s business as usual. The services we deliver are not affected by the change of ownership and there will be no immediate changes to the team that delivers for you.

We are already unique in operating globally and in providing a breadth of “what and why” solutions. Now we will be able to accelerate investment in our vision to deliver “human understanding at scale and speed”. That means broader and deeper talent, more digital and technology-centric products, more analytics to increase effectiveness and more automation to speed up delivery. Our aim remains to deliver the “best of Kantar” more consistently so you can put our data and insights at the heart of your decision-making and activation.

The great thing is that this isn’t just a dream or a hope. We have spent six months putting together a detailed business plan and roadmap which Bain Capital buys into and which they can help us accelerate and execute against. They have significant experience investing in technology to help businesses grow, as they did with the Japanese market research firm, Macromill.

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